Spring Signals Silverfish Infestation in Oklahoma; Silverfish Identification and Control in Tahlequah, OK

Spring Signals Silverfish Infestation in OklahomaThe silverfish is a notoriously feared insect because of its distinct appearance. Many Oklahoma homeowners likely expect the arrival of ants, spiders and stink bugs during spring, however, this pest is poised to begin infesting homes across the state. Though not dangerous to humans, the silverfish can be difficult to get rid of without professional pest control services.

This wingless insect is characterized by its silver color combining shades of light gray and bluish hues. This pest comes in many different varieties and color variations but each still bears the same common appearance. Unlike other similar insects, the silverfish has two small compound eyes and two long cerci that can be found on their head.

In most cases, silverfish are nocturnal insects and will avoid light whenever possible. For this reason, many homeowners will find these pests in dark areas of the home, like basements and under sinks with easily accessed water sources. Unfortunately, these areas receive little attention unless there is a problem, leaving this pest to flourish into large population groups.

Identifying Silverfish Damages

It is important to understand the diet of these pests to accurately prevent them around your home. This pest actively seeks out sources of polysaccharide typically found in adhesives. The wide variety of products contained within a home that provide food for silverfish makes identifying their damages easier than most pests.

Silverfish are well known for the damages they cause to book bindings, making them a bane for libraries. However, it is not uncommon for this pest to eat carpeting, cardboard, newspaper and tissue paper when inside of a home. In some cases, they will also eat through wallpaper to get to the adhesive layer underneath.

Many homeowners experiencing silverfish infestation will notice yellowish stains on personal items, clothing and walls. As the pest travels along these surfaces they will secrete a yellow substance and create staining, much like a cockroach or rodent. If you are seeing staining around your home it could signify a large presence of any of these pests.

Pied Piper Services for Silverfish Control

The removal of these insects from a home can be an exhaustive process in areas of your home you may not want to frequent. Fortunately, the pest control specialists at The Pied Piper have the knowledge and expertise to help. If you are experiencing silverfish infestation or have noticed any of these damages, contact us today!

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