What Brings Cockroaches Inside Your Cushing, OK Home? How To Identify German, American & Oriental Cockroach Pests & Prevent Them from Getting in!

What Brings Cockroaches Inside Your Cushing, OK Home?There are several kinds of cockroaches that are found all over the area and each of them have their own distinct look. Cockroach species have many things in common and some of them are the bacteria and disease that they tend to carry and transmit. They can walk on just about any surface which allows them to walk on the surfaces in your home. When they walk across the counters and floors they are spreading the bacteria as they go. It transfers quite easily since all it takes is for you to come along after and touch the surface. You then have the contamination on your hands. They also get into food and can contaminate it; making it inedible. There are several things that you can do to prevent cockroaches from getting into your home. It is always better to prevent pests rather than treat them once they are already a problem.!

Pied Piper Services List the Most Common Cockroaches & What You Can do to Prevent them from Getting in Your Home

German Cockroach: This is the most common cockroach found around your home. They are normally a tan color and have a set of wings on their back. They do not fly unless it is the last resort. They can run and hide much faster when they run so that is the preferred escape method. They are a cockroach that is found much more often than any other cockroach inside homes. They are much more abundant in the summer months and come inside in search of food. They are willing to eat any leftovers or crumbs that are left over after a meal.
American Cockroach: This is another cockroach that is found often inside and around homes. They are a reddish brown color and have a distinct yellow band on the back of their head. They are a very large species of cockroach getting about two inches in length when they are full grown. These large cockroaches have a set of wings and can fly and will if they are threatened and want to get away. They get in homes to find food but are found outside around shrubs and gardens more often.
Oriental Cockroach: These are a more distinct cockroach and can be identified by their dark shiny black coloring. They are not common inside a home and tend to be found around garbage cans and trash bags. They like the outdoors more often but will come in if they have a chance to find food inside. The female adults don’t have wings and the males do. They have a short set of wings but they do not fly.

How To Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Home

The best way to ensure that you don’t end up with an infestation of cockroaches is to have your home treated by a pest control company on a regular basis. You should also clean up any food that is left after a meal. You need to clean dishes, counters and floors to make sure that even the crumbs are picked up.

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