How to Get Rid of Termites in Your McAlester OK House; A Termite Pest Inspection & Sentricon Control Treatment Can control Infestations!

How to Get Rid of Termites in Your McAlester OK HouseThere is one pest that accounts for more damage per year than any other insect, rodent or wildlife. We are talking about termites. A termite is a small insect that feeds on wood products. They will eat anything from wood furniture, wood beams or stacked firewood. They live in termite colonies and once they start to eat away at the interior of your home, they are not going to stop until a professional pest control company intervenes. The amount of wood that can be demolished by a colony of termites is disturbing. One of the biggest reasons termite go unchecked is that it is difficult to locate termite colonies before they have caused extensive damage. Termites need to be treated by a professional in order to be sure that the whole colony is eliminated. When a typical homeowner tries to get rid of termites on their own, they often make the termite infestation worse. This is because when termites are disturbed, they often spread to other hidden areas of your home and continue their rampage.

Pied Piper Pest Control Outlines How we Inspect for Termites & control Termite Infestations from Your Oklahoma Home.

What to Termite Inspectors Look For: If you are concerned your home may be infested with termites, it is a great idea to call a professional pest control company to find out for sure; and the extent of the termite infestation if they are found. When you call Pied Piper Services, we come out and consult with the homeowner or residents of the home as to whether they have seen termites swarming on their property or noticed any other signs termites have made your home theirs. Next we do a thorough visual termite inspection to see if we can spot any signs that termites have begun to eat your home. In addition to looking for termites themselves, we look for areas that termites could have gained access such as mud tunnels and pencil sized holes with small piles of sawdust at the entrance. We also check open beams in the basement and crawlspace. We tap on the beam to see if we can hear a hollow sound. Termites tunnel through beams in tube like patterns and when these beams are tapped, they will sound hollow. This is yet another sign that you have a termite infestation. Once we have completed our inspection, we present the findings to the homeowner. If termites are found, we also present a custom plan of action to eradicate termite colonies from your property.

How Can Your Home Be Treated For Termites: There are several ways to treat for termites but the best option that you have is to hire a professional pest control company that has the ability and experience to treat them for you. To eradicate termites effectively, the whole colony needs to be exterminated. Over the counter termite treatments most likely will not work as knowing where to place them and how to use them can be difficult. In addition, if you disturb termites, they often move on to other undetected areas of your home and go unchecked. Pied Piper Services utilizes the Sentricon system which is designed to kill the whole termite colony including the queen. If you don’t control the whole colony, termites will continue to eat your home. While you may think a termite’s mouth is small and that it can’t do a whole lot of damage in a short amount of time; you are wrong. Termites colonies can number up to a million and they eat 24/7, never taking a break!

If you even suspect you have a termite problem, be sure to contact Pied Piper Services to have them come to inspect and treat for termites in Cushing, Muskogee, Tahlequah, Okmulgee, Wilburton, Eufaula, McAlester, Broken Arrow, Glenpool & Tulsa OK | Fort Worth, Midlothian & Duncanville, TX.

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